Join the conversation with TNC2011 blog & tweet coverage


Several well-known members of the research networking community are ‘reporting’ on this year’s TERENA Networking Conference, providing their expert insight and comments in the form of blogs, tweets and photos. This TNC-related content is aggregated from different social media sites in the TNC2011 ‘Coverage’ page - http://tnc2011.terena.org/coverage.

Whether attending the conference in person or participating remotely, you can join the TNC online conversation:

  • use "#TNC2011" or "#TNC2011Prague" on Twitter
  • write in our blog, or contact us to aggregate your blog with the TNC2011 Coverage page
  • contribute to our Facebook site with chat, photos or videos
  • join our Flickr group and add your photos
  • tag your YouTube videos with "tnc2011"

Or, you can simply follow what is being said online.

Further information

TNC2011 takes place on 16-19 May in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by the Czech research networking organisation CESNET. The full schedule is available via https://tnc2011.terena.org/core/schedule/list.