2010 TERENA Compendium of NRENs available now


The tenth annual TERENA Compendium of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Europe has been released. The 2010 edition includes data from more than 50 organisations across Europe and surrounding regions. The Compendium documents the work, budgets and users of these organisations with basic information about the organisation, staffing, finances, user base, capacity, services and developments available online, while an online and printed publication analyses trends over time.

The pdf version of the Compendium is available online (http://www.terena.org/publications/), as are full details of all NREN survey responses, via TERENA’s Compendium webpage (http://www.terena.org/activities/compendium/). Printed copies of the Compendium will be sent to participating organisations, TERENA members and policy makers later this month. Additional copies are € 25, excluding post and packaging and can be ordered from the TERENA Secretariat.

Growth despite economic crisis

The 2010 survey explored whether the economic crisis was affecting NRENs. Results show that four NRENs faced budget cuts of 20% or more, while budgets for the rest remained largely unchanged during the past five years. At the same time, NRENs have continued to deliver more services and have coped with a sustained increase in average traffic per inhabitant at an average annual growth rate of 21.3%. Many NRENs have also made substantial progress towards deploying hybrid networks and offering associated end-to-end services. However, there is still a substantial ‘digital divide’.

Growth in services

Other findings showed a rapid growth in identity federations during the past year; in 2010, the total number of users passed the 16 million mark. This growth is expected to continue, with federations becoming a standard service. Although most European NRENs were quick to adopt IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) and are ready to make the transition from IPv4, the actual proportion of IPv6 traffic remains minimal, showing that clients are not yet making the change.

Further information

The TERENA Compendium provides an authoritative reference source for anyone with an interest in the development of research and education networking. Production of the TERENA Compendium of National Research and Education Networks in Europe is overseen by an international review panel and TERENA staff and is financially supported by the European Union through the GN3 (GÉANT) project.