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Novay (Netherlands)

Maarten Wegdam

Dr. Maarten Wegdam is a principal researcher at Novay, and manager operations of the Human Centric Service department. Maarten has a background in distributed systems, middleware, ICT architecture and identity. Maarten leads the Identity, Privacy and Trust area within Novay, and is an expert in identity, privacy and trust. Recent projects include business-to-government identity, identity federation for higher education, Mobile PKI, user centric identity (OpenID, InfoCard) and consumer-to-business identity. Before joining Novay in 2008, Maarten worked for Alcatel-Lucent (Bell Labs research department) and KPN Research (research department of the Dutch incumbent operator). Maarten also has a position as Assistant Professor with the University of Twente (NL), Computer Science department (Information Systems group). Maarten has a blog on identity, privacy and related matters: http://maarten.wegdam.name. A more elaborate resume can be found here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wegdam.

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