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LBL (United States)

Inder Monga

INDER MONGA (imonga@es.net) is developing new ways to advance networking services for collaborative and distributed science by leading research and services within ESnet. He contributes to ongoing ESnet research projects, such as Advanced Resource Computation for Hybrid Service and Topology Networks (ARCHSTONE) and ANI-Testbed as well as the OSCARS and Advanced Network Initiative (ANI) 100G projects. He also serves as co-chair of the NSIworking group in the Open Grid Forum. His research interests include network virtualization, network energy efficiency, grid/cloud computing, and sensor networking. He currently holds 10 patents and has over 15 years of industry and research experience in telecommunications and data networking at Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, and Nortel. He earned his undergraduate degree in electrical/electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, before coming to the United States to pursue his graduate studies in Boston University’s Electrical and Electronics Communication Systems Department.

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