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ANA (Albania)

Arjan Xhelaj

Dr. Arjan Xhelaj is the Director of the new “Intercollegiate Service Center for Telematic Networks” (ANA- Academic Network of Albania, the NREN organization in Albania) supported from the Ministry of Education and Science of Albania (MoES). He is responsible for managing of the Central Network System of the Albanian Universities and the leading of technical and administrative staff at the Center.

Dr. Xhelaj is currently responsible for the coordination of the project partners, MoES of Albania and the Italian Development Cooperation Office in Tirana, and the creation of the Structures for the new Telematic Network Center. This Center will take part in all RTD activities in area of ICT and support the research and education networking in Albania.

In past years Dr. Xhelaj has been involved in a number of projects of research and higher education community. He work as researcher fellow and docent at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main (Germany) an take part in projects of RTD in Biophysics and medical Physic. At last he was the Director of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Ministry of Education and Science of Albania. He is member of several Boards and Steering Committees of European Commission Research Programs as: Joint Research Centre, West Balkan Countries -INCO.Net, ERAC, Bologna Follow up Group, SEE –ERA. Net Plus, Regional Cooperation Council.

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