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CARNet (Croatia)

Goran Škvarč

Goran Škvarč has joined CARNet in 2003, after a short employment in the Croatian Ministry of European Integrations. After starting as an associate in the Department for International Cooperation, in 2004 he became the secretary of CARNet User Conference – CUC, and has been involved in the Conference ever since. Goran currently manages Business Communication affairs in CARNet, including Marketing, PR, web, special projects and information services, and is also involved into CARNet international Cooperation.

Goran is currently active on several projects: as a short-term senior expert at the “EU IT Pilot Project in the Field of Education” in Kosovo he is helping to establish the Kosovo NREN, at the GÉANT3 project in the segment of public relations (NA2) and at TERENA task force for communication and public relations (TF CPR) in which he acts as the TF chair.

Goran is also the manager of CARNet Global Development Learning Network Centre, a World Bank project for distance learning through videoconferencing, where he was elected in the GDLN Eurasia Board of Directors in 2008 and he holds the position since. In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb he manages and develops the information service called "www.hr – Croatian Homepage“.

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