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Chris Lonvick

Chris Lonvick works in the Consulting Engineering department of the Office of the CTO at Cisco Systems, directing activities in research and energy management.
Consulting Engineering provides technology and architectural leadership in the Internet industry and to Cisco's customers in all sectors.

Chris attended Christian Brothers College in Memphis, TN, USA, graduating in 1980 with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. He pursued a research position with Texaco in Houston, TX, while learning about the use of computers and more importantly the networks that connect them. Fairly quickly Chris transferred to the IT department and was installing multiprotocol routers and gateways, and ran the Texaco IP network and their link to the Internet. In 1996, Chris left Texaco to pursue a career with Cisco Systems in the Consulting Engineering department. In that role, Chris helped customers plan and develop their own networks. To help clear some undefined areas, Chris started participating in standards developing organizations such as ATIS and the IETF. As a director in Consulting Engineering, Chris is involved with research initiatives and NREN activities.

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