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Nikhef (Netherlands)

David Groep

Dr. David Groep is senior research scientist in grid computing at Nikhef, the Dutch national institute for sub-atomic physics, and has worked on multi-domain security services and scaling behaviour of operational e-Infrastructures. He established the certification authority for e-Science in the Netherlands and was architect of the site access control middleware in EU DataGrid and gLite. Since the founding in 2004 of the EUGridPMA he has been its Chair, and following the establishment of the International Grid Trust Federation IGTF became its first Chair. From 2007 onwards he served a three-year term as Area Director for security in the Open Grid Forum. He is the liaison for identity management policy to the European Grid Infrastructure. Outside the security area, Dr. Groep is also member of the executive of BiG Grid, the Dutch national e-Infrastructure, and was manager of the Scaling and Validation programme in the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science project.