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RIPE NCC (Netherlands)

Mirjam Kühne

Mirjam Kühne has joined the RIPE NCC in 2009 to set up RIPE Labs (http://labs.ripe.net) and to act as the Community Builder for the RIPE NCC.

Prior to that, Mirjam helped developing and organising technical workshops in developing countries and established and maintained relationships with partner organisations and regional and local operators communities. Mirjam also created the IETF Journal, a publication reporting from developments at the IETF, and had the editorial oversight over this publication.

At the start of her career Mirjam worked at the RIPE NCC reviewing and processing member’s IP address requests and requiring a deep understanding of network operations and technology. She then became part of the senior management and participated in the organisation’s strategic and financial planning. She was responsible for External Relations and represented the organisation on an international level.

Mirjam has obtained a Masters of Computer Science at the Technical University Berlin, Germany.

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