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CNRS/LAL (France)

Charles Loomis

Charles Loomis is currently a CNRS research engineer at the Linear Accelerator Laboratory in Orsay, France and a founding partner of SixSq Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland. He trained as a high-energy physicist and worked as a researcher in major experiments on both sides of the Atlantic. His participation in grid technology projects started in 2001 with the European DataGrid project and continuing through the flagship EGEE projects. He has played major roles in integrating, testing, and deploying the grid middleware as well as interacting directly with the end-users to ensure that their needs were met. He is currently the project coordinator for the StratusLab project, aiming to develop a comprehensive, open-source IaaS cloud distribution. Throughout this period he has been a major contributor to the open-source Quattor toolkit, which facilitates the installation and management of clusters.

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