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Caltech/EVOGH (United States)

Philippe Galvez

Philippe D. Galvez is a senior Research Manager at the California Institute of Technology. Mr. Galvez is providing technical control and oversight of several International projects. From 1993 until 1997 he worked for CERN as manager of networks. He Implemented and managed an International network research links between Europe and USA for an organization of several thousands users, and then, thanks to his technical and management experience and skills, in 1997 became the Project Manager, Chief Architect and Principal Developer of the Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing System (VRVS) project at Caltech. Under his leadership the unique collaboration system EVO (Enabling Virtual Organizations) was developed that provides opportunities for effective communication at low operational cost for the widest scientific and academic community in the world. Mr. Galvez is serving and has served as a member of several international commissions, such as the Internet2 Real-Time Communication Advisory Group, the Internet2 Digital Video Steering Committee, and the ESnet Real-time Collaboration Working Group. His work in these committees contributes significantly to the development of new communication tools, while strengthening international cooperation through the effective use if these technologies for research and education.

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