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INTERNET2 (United States)

Ana Hunsinger

I am Ana [Preston] Hunsinger and I am the Executive Director of Member Programs/Relations and Communications/Marketing at Internet2. In this role, I have executive responsibilities for membership relations, programs (higher education, affiliates, industry and international/global relations), meetings, and communications and marketing for all brands and projects of Internet2.

Prior to this role, I served as the Director of Regional and State Network Relations and also managed FiberCo. Prior to that, I helped manage Internet2's international program and relationships.

For a great time, I have been active in the Internet2 community since 1998 and prior to joining Internet2, I worked at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, also an Internet2 member.

I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I have a BS in Computer Science and BAs in both Film Studies and Philosophy as well as a Master Degree in Philosophy, all from the University of Kansas.