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FileSender: collaborating to make file transfers easy Collaboration tools and technology
Domestication: The Next Step in Collaborative Application Design Collaboration tools and technology
The NIIFI Cloud Clouds and Virtualisation
Scaling up your virtualization infrastructure Clouds and Virtualisation
StratusLab Clouds and Virtualisation
Announcement winner TERENA 25 contest Closing plenary
TNC2012 Announcement Closing plenary
Closing remarks Closing plenary
Student poster award Closing plenary
Open access Closing plenary
A Universe of Data on Your Desktop Advanced applications 2
The Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility: examine the performance and delay of 430 tsunami warning stations Advanced applications 2
LifeWatch - ICT infrastructure for Biodiversity Research in Europe Advanced applications 2
Supporting Pan-European advanced applications - GÉANT Project liaison and support Advanced applications 1
The LOFAR LTA distributed information system for Radio Astronomical data Advanced applications 1
The NEXPReS project Advanced applications 1
DFN@100G – A Field Trial of 100G Technologies related to Real World Research Scenarios 100 G
Future networking... in GÉANT: What next? 100 G
Extending a Network's Longevity by 40% 100 G