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Getting Real about Virtual Collaboration on the Grid – technologies for AAI in non-web e-Infrastructures Middleware for advanced users
QoS Management for Multimedia Services Based on Session Reconfiguration: A Future Internet Case Study Media distribution
Videotorium – video sharing for Hungarian research and education Media distribution
Opencast, the Opencast Community and Opencast Matterhorn Media distribution
Help Make Complexity Simple! Lightning Talks
Delivering multicast network services to rural communities Lightning Talks
IP - what happens now? Lightning Talks
Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN) Lightning Talks
Instant Page Load (IPL) Lightning Talks
0day Collaboration Lightning Talks
Some mind-blowing things you can do with Moonshot Lightning Talks
dUMA: comprehensive personal information management Lightning Talks
TERENA Service Provider proxy Lightning Talks
SSEDIC - Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community Lightning Talks
Open Source Implementation of IEEE 802.1ag Lightning Talks
Calculating the Return on Investment of an NREN Lightning Talks
Monitoring of Electrical Power Consumption in ICT rooms Lightning Talks
How the RIPE NCC promotes IPv6 Deployment IPv6
IPv6 - The time has come IPv6
IPv6 adoption: a case study IPv6