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Exchanging services between NRENs: Challenges, Initiatives and recent results Role of NRENs
EVO (From EVO to SeeVogh) Multimedia support for communities
Ethernet Operation Administration and Maintenance – Opportunities for the NREN community Future Networking: Challenges and Opportunities
Enhancing E2Emon monitoring with NML topology exchange Monitoring
Emerging research networks in Albania and Kosovo - panel Networking with Extra-Regional Partners
EGI - Virtual Research Communities: connecting the user to the grid Virtual Organisations
eduroam: F-Ticks
eduCONF Business Case: The quest for the Videoconference Community’s needed services Mobility support services
Easing Access to Grids Using Moonshot Middleware for advanced users
dUMA: comprehensive personal information management Lightning Talks
Domestication: The Next Step in Collaborative Application Design Collaboration tools and technology
DFN@100G – A Field Trial of 100G Technologies related to Real World Research Scenarios 100 G
Design and OAM&P aspects of a DWDM system equipped with a 40Gb/s PM-QPSK Optical networking
Delivering multicast network services to rural communities Lightning Talks
Computer networking and molecular eyes Opening plenary
Closing remarks Closing plenary
Cisco Systems Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?