Title sort icon Session
Network performance event management based upon the perfSONAR framework Monitoring
Networking demands Tuesday plenary
Network Evolution Enablers Transport networks industry
Multi-channel streaming for medical and multimedia industry application High quality multimedia applications
Motivation, Design, Deployment and Evolution of a Guaranteed Bandwidth Network Service Dynamic bandwidth on demand -- end-to-end
Moonshot Middleware for advanced users
Monitoring of Electrical Power Consumption in ICT rooms Lightning Talks
Monitoring and Accounting for AAI using RAPTOR Federations, architectures & measurements
MANTYCHORE: An Open Source system for deploying Networks as a Service. Dynamic bandwidth on demand -- end-to-end
Managing information security while enabling communities User interaction & information security
LifeWatch - ICT infrastructure for Biodiversity Research in Europe Advanced applications 2
LHC Computing: After the first year with data Wednesday plenary
Level3 Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?
Juniper Networks Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?
Is the Internet an unfinished demo? Meet RINA! Future Networking: Challenges and Opportunities
IP - what happens now? Lightning Talks
IPv6 transition IETF
IPv6 - The time has come IPv6
IPv6 adoption: a case study IPv6
Internet Governance: A View From the RIPE NCC Privacy & Governance