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The JISC’s Access & Identity Management (AIM) Programme – Supporting Innovation Federations & AAI
The impact of communities: Learning from and with NRN Special Interest Groups NRENs and user communities
The GEMBus Architecture and Core Components Composable services
TERENA Service Provider proxy Lightning Talks
Tata Communications Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?
SWITCHtoolbox - Group-based collaboration made easy Virtual Organisations
SURFconext, showcasing a new collaboration paradigm Collaboration tools and technology
Supporting Pan-European advanced applications - GÉANT Project liaison and support Advanced applications 1
Supporting e-science Tuesday plenary
Student poster award Closing plenary
StratusLab Clouds and Virtualisation
SSEDIC - Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community Lightning Talks
Some mind-blowing things you can do with Moonshot Lightning Talks
Social2SAML Federations & AAI
SMXL: Tailoring Technology to Collaboration Virtual Organisations
Securing Internet Routing through RPKI Resource Certification IETF
Scaling up your virtualization infrastructure Clouds and Virtualisation
Scalability of trust and metadata exchange across federations Interfederation, practicalities and principles
RIPE Atlas – a distributed Internet measurement network Monitoring