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Title Session
0day Collaboration Lightning Talks
Access everywhere Mobility support services
Advances in Large Scale Photonic Integration for Next Generation Optical Transmission Architectures Transport networks industry
ADVA Optical Networking Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?
Africa Connect Networking with Extra-Regional Partners
Albanian NREN
Announcement winner TERENA 25 contest Closing plenary
Arab States Research and education Network (ASREN). Where are we now? Networking with Extra-Regional Partners
Association of African Universities
A Universe of Data on Your Desktop Advanced applications 2
A World of Research Resources Just a Click Away -- The Canadian Perspective Federations, architectures & measurements
Build a FLOSS community from scratch? Ways of building open source projects and pitfalls to avoid. Role of NRENs
Building communities: bricks, rules or generosity Wednesday plenary
Calculating the Return on Investment of an NREN Lightning Talks
Campus best practices Role of NRENs
Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN) Lightning Talks
Challenges in Topology Exchange for Emerging Network Services Dynamic Network Services
CineGrid Amsterdam Multimedia support for communities
Circuits vs. Packets, 5 Years Later Future Networking: Challenges and Opportunities
Cisco Systems Industry: partners or commercial suppliers?
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