Ethernet Operation Administration and Maintenance – Opportunities for the NREN community

Ethernet has been prevalent in many NREN networks for some years now, mostly providing aggregation functionality for IP services. However, due to recent advances in the technology and itsglobal uptake, it is being considered as a basis for circuit and lightpath services as well. The lightpaths in the next generation SURFnet network, SURFnet7, are even expected to take a step further and be transported over Carrier Ethernet technology. At the same time dynamic lightpaths are not lagging behind. Pilot projects like the Automated GOLE project are investigating as well as promoting the set-up of dynamic circuit services based on Ethernet VLANs. In view of these emerging trends, the advancements in Ethernet are being investigated in multiple projects within the NREN community. The Gigaport3 project at SURFnet as well as the GN3 project are addressing various aspects associated with Carrier Ethernet. As part of JRA1 T1, technology testing of Carrier Ethernet will be carried out in intra and inter domain networks. The topic of Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) with a special focus on performance monitoring at the Ethernet layer is being addressed as part of JRA2 T3, as these mechanisms provide specific opportunities for an end-to-end performance monitoring infrastructure like perfSONAR.



  • Mark Prins, TNO
  • Richa Malhotra, SURFnet

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