DFN@100G – A Field Trial of 100G Technologies related to Real World Research Scenarios

Current research network infrastructures are based on 10G technology where multiple links with 10 Gbit/s are already required between core network locations. An upgrade of the infrastructure towards providing 100 Gbit/s over single wavelengths will be unavoidable in the next years. 100G technology is already well understood in laboratory environments. To place this technology in actual networks including clients based on the just approved IEEE standard 802.3ba is still a challenge especially if multivendor hardware and their interoperability is required. DFN therefore initiated a field trial together with two research institutions, two vendors and a fibre provider to try out the technology in a real world environment. The test was not limited to testing the optical transmission only, but it included the transport of IP data packets over the 100 Gbit/s link demonstrating the behaviour during medium and high load.


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