FileSender: collaborating to make file transfers easy

Beginning in early 2009, a consortium of NRENs consisting of HEAnet in Ireland, UNINETT in Norway, and AARNet in Australia, has been developing large file transfer software. The software resides in the open source domain under a BSD license and saw its 1.0 release on 31 January 2011. The design goal of the software is to enable very large files to be safely, quickly and securely transferred between researchers– files which would for example get rejected as too big by email systems. The largest file transferred with the system stands at 100Gb, but that is by no means the limit of the system. As far as deployment is concerned, the design goal was to make the platform work out of the box for anyone who is capable of watching a YouTube video. The talk will focus on the thinking behind the software, deployment experiences and observed use and last but not least the factors leading to the project's success.


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