geant Enhancing E2Emon monitoring with NML topology exchange

E2Emon is a PerfSONAR-compatible service for monitoring the link status of end-to-end circuits that span multiple domains. The software is currently in use by the LHCOPN [E2Emon-LHCOPN]. E2Emon suffers from multiple limitations, most of which are related to the way topology information is represented and exchanged. One of the most notable limitations is that it is unable to relate monitoring information from multiple layers. In order to overcome this and other limitations, a proof-of-concept is under construction, which overhauls the topology exchange, and separates the monitoring service and topology service from each other.



  • Freek Dijkstra
  • Sander Boele
  • Roman Ɓapacz
  • Ronald van der Pol

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