IPv6 adoption: a case study

In 2010, SURFnet started organizing a broad range of activities to address some of the uncertainties at institutes concerning the deployment of IPv6 at their campus networks. This session is intended to share the background of these activities and the results with other NRENs and their connected institutes in order to help them creating successful IPv6 adoption plans. After several years of indifference, the connected education and research institutes now seem to become more and more interested in the deployment of IPv6 on their campuses and local infrastructure. One of the most important reasons for this rise of awareness is the fact that the media are communicating the sense of urgency, now that only a few percent of free IPv4-addresses are left. However, it is still not clear for those institutes when it is really time to start deploying, just as it is unclear what all the consequences are of (postponing) such a deployment.


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