Getting Real about Virtual Collaboration on the Grid – technologies for AAI in non-web e-Infrastructures

Grid and much of the e-Infrastructure have grown up around the notion of inherently multi-domain collaboration, centered around individual researchers and their interactions. Focusing largely on non-web application such as super and high-throughput computing, mass data storage and transfer, the authentication and authorization infrastructure around grid emphasizes disconnected operation, delegation and independent operation. With diversifying user communities and a wider range of collaborative applications, grid now finds itself in a maturing ecosystem of identity management, federations, and authorization standards that have grown up in the Web and web-SSO worlds. In this talk we’ll present the requirements that drove the Grid AAI middleware design, the basic principles that continue drive the e-Infrastructure model today, and how new technologies enable convergence between traditional ‘grid’ and traditional ‘web’ AAI systems.



  • David Groep

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