Is the Internet an unfinished demo? Meet RINA!

During the talk we will challenge the current Internet architecture, based on functional layering and the TCP/IP protocol suite, and try to achieve the following goals: 1) Show that the current Internet architecture -based on functional layering and TCP/IP- is not complete: it doesn’t provide the right structure to solve the current Internet issues. 2) Show that past efforts (70s, 80s) provided a more complete architecture with less fundamental limitations - and seem to have been forgotten. 3) Introduce a new architecture that provides an structure capable of overcoming these limitations: RINA; and provides network architects with a better toolset to design their networks.



  • Eleni Trouva
  • Eduard Grasa
  • Patrick Phelan
  • Miguel Ponce de Leon
  • John Day
  • Ibrahim Matta
  • Lou Chitkushev
  • Steve Bunch

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