Monitoring and Accounting for AAI using RAPTOR

Understanding detailed e-resource usage is increasingly important to academic institutions; not least because of the current economic climate and consequent likelihood of tightening funding. However, the recent trend of moving from centralized access management systems and IP authentication towards federated access means that many existing tools to calculate usage statistics are no longer relevant. To answer this need, two major projects are currently underway internationally - the JISC-funded RAPTOR project in the UK, and the SWITCH-funded AMAAIS project in Switzerland. This session will present the RAPTOR project, which has built a software toolkit for reporting usage statistics by analysing log files from relevant software systems (e.g., Shibboleth IdP, EZproxy), but the software is easy extensible so should be able to work with any such system (e.g., simplesamlphp, FreeRADIUS) with a minimum of fuss. This session will discuss the need for detailed accounting and monitoring, and will present demos of the initial release of the Raptor software.



  • Rhys Smith

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