The JISC’s Virtual Research Environment (VRE) Programme – Supporting Collaborative Research

The JISC’s VRE programme’s third phase of funding will be coming to an end in March 2011. This presentation will give an overview of the VRE programme since it’s inception in 2004. It will give some background to the previous VRE work that lead to the current third phase of the programme. The VRE3 phase will be discussed in more detail and include the challenges and risks faced, plus the outcomes and benefits expected. There will also be a brief overview of the VRERI (Rapid Innovation) programme ‐ a way of funding that allows a larger number of smaller/cheaper projects. Rapid Innovation funding has been tried out by JISC in a number of programmes and allows academics to trial solutions and test more innovative methods and approaches. As well as giving an overview of current and recently funded projects, this presentation will also look forward to what the programme will fund in the near future.


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