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In October 2010 we started the pilot-phase of our Virtual Organization service. Our service is built around the so-called “Combo”, our tentative name for a Virtual Organization. We used this new unbiased term to express a group of people working together in a virtual team and using different tools. On the management platform users can create new Combos, invite users to it and add different tools. For the pilot phase we provide three tools that can be subscribed to a Combo: a wiki, a mailing list and a document repository. The tools are independent of the management platform and are only communicating with the platform by SAML. This means that every other web-based tool that can be made SAML-aware, can be added to the Virtual Organization service. The tool uses the group- attributes provided by the platform in addition to the SAML attributes already existent in the federation. The goal of the service is that the members of our community will add new tools to the platform, so that the users can choose from a broad range of tools and subscribe them to their Combo.


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