Videotorium – video sharing for Hungarian research and education

In recent years – to take advantage on successful video sharing portal concepts – many research network organizations, universities and research institutions had created their own video sharing portals in support of research and higher education. These portals are not only helping direct teaching and distance learning, but they also provide a great opportunity to give more recognition and a better understanding of the work of research and education community. To serve research and science effectively, these portals must employ special “weaponry” to meet scientific requirements. Videotorium uses special services and innovative user interfaces to allow user exploitation of web technology in sharing multimedia content for a wide audience. The portal allows slide to video synchronization by user to provide maximum viewer experience. In addition, Videotorium features a special metadata model and multi language thesauruses in order to achieve the best possible retrievability of content to establish a sustainable research and educational video repository. Standard based metadata aggregation features allow metadata exchange with other content aggregators such as national and international repositories.


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