EGI - Virtual Research Communities: connecting the user to the grid

EGI is responsible for coordinating the evolution of a sustainable distributed computing infrastructure across Europe. The users of this infrastructure have traditionally come from communities that have been heavily involved in developing the underlying technology and hence have possessed the knowledge and skills to exploit and further develop the grid. However, this is rapidly changing and for a number of reasons. The role of the User Community Support activity within EGI is to harness the efforts and needs of these emerging new communities and, together with those of the traditional communities, create an environment where these needs and efforts are pooled to steer the emerging infrastructure towards a position where users from across Europe and in all disciplines can work and collaborate in ways that suit their research needs without obliging them to become experts in the infrastructure itself. This talk will present an overview of the ways in which we are doing this. This is partly achieved by providing a suite of services - applications database, VO monitoring tools, training marketplace - as well as a model of cultivating Virtual Research Communities (VRC) whereby we can communicate and support communities of researchers with common interests and practices. This support takes the form of workshops, briefings and road-shows which enable us to tailor resources to the needs of these communities and also disseminate information and knowledge also tailored to their needs.



  • Steve Brewer

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