The research on stereoscopic 4K multimedia streaming technologies for future internet

The expansion of new multimedia technology causes the increase of the resolution of transmitted video images, and advanced visualization applications demand the stereoscopic technology. For such appliances there is strong need to guarantee stable parameters for long distance network transmission. Present networks are not dedicated for such kind of streaming. Another concern is the lack of network 4K 3D devices and streaming servers. The visualization devices of high resolution stereoscopic image are still in prototype phase and need expensive integration. Therefore own research, the integration of devices and software development is strongly required. The work in PSNC includes new streaming server and 4K 3D player application, the integration of prototype 4K 3D visualization technology as well as development of new solutions for the streaming of multimedia content for the future Internet.



  • Artur Binczewski, Maciej Glowiak, Piotr Ostapowicz, Maciej Stroinski, Maciej Strozyk

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