geant The GEMBus Architecture and Core Components

Service-Oriented Architectures, viewed as a tool for the integration of distributed resources, plays a significant role, not only as manager of computational resources, but increasingly as aggregator of measurement instrumentation and pervasive large-scale data acquisition platforms, and many other e-science applications, leveraging their intrinsically collaborating and distributed nature. In this context, the functionality of a service-oriented architecture allows managing, maintaining, and exploiting heterogeneous and geographically sparse resources in a unified way, by providing standardized interfaces and common working environments to their users. This presentation will introduce the architecture for the federated multi-domain Service-Oriented Architecture under development in the GN3 project, GEMBus (G√ČANT Multi-domain Bus). GEMBus aims at enabling collaboration among the different actors in the European research networks (and beyond) by sharing services, and allowing them to build more complex ones by composing them.


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Composable services

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