dUMA: comprehensive personal information management

In 2004, University of Málaga (UMA) ICT services needed a tool to connect all the personal information of persons that were scattered inside specialised applications, like payroll or student registries. All started with a phrase that, probably, many IT administrators have heard at some point in time: we need to set up a directory. The key enabling decision the implementation team made was to follow established best practices wherever they existed and collaborate with the community as much as possible in standardization tasks. DUMA (Directorio UMA) is adopted as the name for the corporate directory of the University. The first result of this decision was the use of eduPerson and iris* directory schemas for expressing personal attributes and, as a consequence, the creation of irisPrivateAttribute that later became schacPrivateAttribute. In the long run, using common national and international schemas has proven a key enabler for connecting to federations. Once the organisational directory had persons populated with their identity pieces connected, new services, and new versions of old ones, became possible. Thus, dUMA, as a service, was born. dUMA, initially allowed just user registration for activating other services, but nowadays, it has become a control panel for an increasing gamut of identity centered services. One of the main uses for the dUMA control panel is user data self service.



  • Victoriano Giralt
  • Manuel Baleriola
  • Ignacio Pérez
  • Antonio Campos
  • José-Manuel Ramos-Guaz

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