Calculating the Return on Investment of an NREN

Have you ever been asked by the user community whether the services of your NREN are too expensive, whether those services save money for the users or whether the most efficient thing to do would be to simply give the users the money instead of the service? This talk presents some first-hand experience in answering these questions and is meant as an inspiration for everyone being asked similar questions by themselves or the community. In a recently concluded strategy process in the Danish NREN, Forskningsnettet, we were asked by our steering committee to make a thorough basis for a strategy reform. As a part of this basis, we included a calculation of the Return On Investment (ROI) of the complete set of services delivered by the NREN. This served two purposes: First and foremost to help assess whether individual services should be changed or abolished and secondly to help assess the overall value of the whole NREN to the users. All of this enabled us to come up with an estimate of the total value and CO2 savings of the NREN. The aim of this presentation is to provide inspiration for everyone involved in NREN management and economy to do the same sort of estimate for their own NREN, and also use this as a tool in the on-going evaluation of each of the services that are part of the NREN package.



  • Martin Bech, UNI-C

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