Monitoring of Electrical Power Consumption in ICT rooms

Green technology progress and it’s impact on the human living environment have led to the situation where increasing attention is paid not only to the pollution of the planet, but also to the excessive consumption of resources. In the IT world this is reflected in several ways. Starting from simple methods such as warnings in e-mail messages on the unnecessary consumption of paper ("Do not print this e-mail, save the forest.") to more complex methods, which require financial investments and changes in the current technical infrastructure. This presentation describes research results in the field of monitoring power supplies and energy consumption in IT data centers. We explored two ways of power consumption monitoring: by monitoring UPS data and by monitoring specialized Power Distribution Units. Results of the measurements taken on both type of devices are compared, and main conclusions are presented. We analyzed the measurement accuracy and usability of this approach to electric power consumption measurement, the impact of the amount of network traffic on power consumption and the impact of the sampling resolution to measurement results. This research is inspired by the work within the “Campus Best Practice” task of the GN3 project.



  • Ivan Ivanovic

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