Delivering multicast network services to rural communities

Provision of broadband to the last mile is often constrained by laws of physics for long-distance DSL copper circuits, a reality for many rural users. Delivering broadband to the last 10% of the UK population in rural and remote areas is challenging therefore providing advances services such as multicast could seem quite distant. The Digital Advanced Rural Testbed (DART) is one of five advanced service testbeds in UK addressing this problem. Satellite has one particular advantage in this respect: support for native multicast in the last mile (not widely available beyond academic networks). Ideally suited to CDN e.g., to supply time-shifted TV, and can open the way to other native multicast applications, e.g., multiparty conference calls, micro-broadcasting of live content, file distribution, etc. It could take routed multicast content to other networks, in contrast to use of tunnels and upgrades needed to run PIM on routers for a terrestrial path. Objectives of this project include to enable new network technologies and then let applications emerge that can be used across the whole of the UK.



  • Nimbe Ewald
  • Gorry Fairhurst

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