IPv6 - The time has come

With global IPv4 source pool depletion, the time has come really for sustained & visionary adoption plans of IPv6 real deployment. Among the many uncertainty questions raised by reluctant stakeholders, IPv6 is NO more “if”; IPv6 is the ONLY viable way ahead for future Internet services / applications demands & growth. With the world Telecommunications / Internet & NGN (Next Generations Networks) convergence, service providers & governments should take the prompt necessary steps to make their Internet-based services scalable & secure. IPv6 provides unlimited scalability and superior enhanced security. The IPv6 long-Journey should starts, in parallel, via current IPv4 network coexistence, on one end, and deploying IPv6 native infrastructures, on the other end. The ultimate timely goal is to have enterprises & users communicate & speak IPv6 language ONLY. This talk will address the IPv6 technical / policy implementations road-map for EU countries where EU has long-standing esteemed ICT programs & projects to enhance the life style of its citizens.

It will cover the following:
• IPv6 milestone Introduction: Long-term benefits; scalability; security pros; concrete block of future Internet services / applications; standardization, etc
• How-to Road-Map: Transition; Deployment; Addressing plans, Tools; Timelines; etc
• Current IPv6 barriers / uncertainty factors and the way forward to tackle / demolish them
• Why EU needs to speak IPv6?
• Wrap-up; the way-forward & Q / A


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