04 - Development of "Archive system for Cross-reference Across Distributed Environment (ARCADE)" Applicable to Various Data Access Control Policies

Takuya Matsuhira, Yoshiya Kasahara, Yoshihiro Takata (Kanazawa University)

Opportunities for educational, research-oriented, and business-related collaborations among universities are increasing. A file-sharing system that handles reports, documents, and research papers is required to facilitate collaboration. However, file sharing across different
universities under a distributed environment is not easy because of the difficulty of authentication and authorization. In this context, we have developed the ARchive system for Cross-referencing Across a Distributed Environment (ARCADE), using which users can share files securely with other users across organizational boundaries. Note that even those who lack skills in ICT can use the system, as ARCADE is implemented as a Java GUI application. By using the ARCADE, it is simply to define data access policy to their contents simply as fully open access or subscribers only. So, data owner can easily open their own data to the appropriate users across organizational boundaries.

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