03 - Authentication & Authorisation (AA) Framework

Marcin Wolski (PSNC), Ann Harding (SWITCH), Mandeep Saini (DANTE)

This poster describes the AA Framework, which is the result of SA2/T5 Common Frameworks effort. The motivation behind development of the framework was to provide a common and flexible authentication authorisation solution for various GÉANT multi-domain network services (e.g. AutoBAHN, cNIS and I-SHARe) in the GÉANT Service Area.

The framework uses plug-in based extensible architecture. It is a Java based implementation that makes use of Spring Security Framework in order to take advantage of industry standards and best practices. The framework provides choice between various Authentication Providers, User Attributes Providers and ACL Services.

With the support of eduGAIN and eduPKI team, the framework is being extended to provide support for web services.

This framework is currently being used by AutoBAHN and I-SHARe applications.

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