27 - STUDENT - Multi-Touch Tiled Screens -- New Collaborative Workspace Headstone

Vít Rusňák (Masaryk University)

There are many areas where the visualization of large-scale data is required. Typical examples are collaboration of disaster response and rescue teams or pathologists. Rescue teams usually work with the static large-scale maps and dynamic information such as positioning, audio, or video transmissions from the a ected site. Pathology teams analyze details of medical ndings represented as high-resolution microscope imagery in order to reveal, e.g., tumors.
Distributed visualization systems (DVS) based on tiled screens are able to satisfy needs of such application areas. We are extending DVS to multi-touch (MT) capability with appending MT sensor to each screen. This allows us to build highly-scalable MT interface with almost unlimited number of concurrent touch points and enables group collaboration of whole teams.
We already had studied a feasibility of the gesture recognition in distributed environments by doing an experiment focused on proper recognition of several possible types of one- and multiple- nger strikes followed by designing and construction of 4-tiled tabletop consisting of LCD panels with the touch capability which serves us as a testbed for following work.
Our current work is mainly focused on gesture recognition at local distributed environment based on tightly-coupled rendering clusters. This is closely bound with the design of network protocols for ecient and fast event synchronization to ensure system interactivity and low response time. This work is also part of a larger project aimed on building complete distributed collaborative environment with touch support.

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