25 - STUDENT - Data Security in Biomedicine

Anna Hornakova , Milan Sarek

In this work we analyze the current state of use of biometrics in computer security, especially the possibilities of identification based on biometric data. Biometric characteristics can be divided into anatomical-physiological and behavioral.

The most commonly used anatomical-physiological biometric identification methods in common practice are the fingerprints and palm prints, the geometry of a hand shape and scanning the bloodstream of the palm or the back of one’s hand. Instead of hands a face or a part of the face can be used to identify a person as well.

Keystroke dynamics could be an interesting behavioral biometric characteristics for use in computer security not being widely used so far.

The result of the work will be a new set of methods, which allows reliable identification of the user in the most comfortable way. These new principles of data security will be used to enhance the protection of specialized health record. This will contribute to expansion of generally conceived EHR MUDR concept to other application areas.

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