26 - STUDENT - Open Wi-Fi Maps

Mihec Podlesek, Jani Plesnicar (University of Ljubljana)

This project is an attempt to map most of the wireless access points in Slovenia. The collected data is used for access point mapping and for different statistical analyses such as determining the ratio of unprotected access points to access points that use encryption and the number of access points with default network names that can be used in other internet safety projects.
We use a notebook with a GPS receiver and an external wireless adaptor to capture our data. Our setup is intentionally simple so more people are able to capture data. We filter and insert the captured data into a database which enables us to use complex queries required for determining a location of an access point. We are using a simplified form of triangulation to
determine the approximate location of the access point.
The purpose of this project is not to reinvent triangulation, but rather to provide open source tools for data collection and to build a portal that will enable the community to contribute, modify, download and use the collected data thus creating an open Wi-Fi map of the world.

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