23 - STUDENT - Ethernet Flow Monitoring with IPFIX

Rick Hofstede (University of Twente)

The increasing amount of network traffic and the huge bandwidth needed to carry it requires managers to use scalable solutions to monitor their networks. Nowadays, flow-based techniques, such as Cisco’s NetFlow, provide aggregated network data and an overview of network activity at the IP layer. However, several backbone network operators are considering the deployment of (Carrier) Ethernet in their Next-Generation Network. In this scenario we need a scalable monitoring technology for the Ethernet-layer. IPFIX, which is based on Cisco’s NetFlow and allows the selection of flow keys and records, could be used for that. Due to these flexible key selections, flows can be defined based on Ethernet header fields. The deployment of IPFIX is still at an early stage, which means that experience and insights need to be gained with this new type of flow data. The poster will highlight several use cases of Ethernet flow monitoring, to show the applicability of this new technology.

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