11 - Photonic network enabling real-time applications

Pavel Škoda, Jan Radil, Stanislav Šíma, Josef Vojtěch, Lada Altmannová, Miloslav Hůla (CESNET)

Innovation and research in optical networking carried out by National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) have opened a new field of advanced applications. The real-time application can answer the most demanding requests from research community and make interactive high-definition 3D video transfer or novel precise comparison of atomic clock a reality. This and much more can be provided by proposed purely photonic networks that place reliance in light to carry special signals with precision of laser. The importance of NRENs is highlighted in allowing applications that wouldn’t be possible with Internet Service Providers. We present recently conducted real-time applications in purely optical domain of our network CESNET2. We also define features of photonic network that are essential for enabling new network applications. Multi-vendor environment in building photonic networks is discussed.

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