Gareth Eason (HEAnet), Peter Szegedi (TERENA)

'Call-to-arms' for the TF-NOC, a TERENA Task Force. The poster will present:
* what the TF-NOC does and is about
* who is currently participating and why
* what we hope to achieve
* who should get involved and how to get involved.

Today's NOC (Network Operation Centre) functions are essential, costly, and critical in respect of NRENs' main business, as well as of regional, metropolitan and campus network providers and infrastructure development projects. However, there is extreme diversity in terms of NOC organisation, structure, and roles across various domains. It is also hard to find information about common practices related to day-to-day NOC operations. This has created a situation where NOCs usually cope with similar issues, but in very different ways (i.e., various tools, procedures, workflows, etc.).

The Task Force on Network Operation Centres (TF-NOC) brings together NOC managers, engineers, developers, operators, controllers and project managers interested in NOC functions in order to share experiences and knowledge as well as to investigate the possibility of creating best common practices.

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