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16/05/2011 09:00-12:30
Modern e-Science applications and high-technology industry regularly deal with large volumes of data that must be stored, processed and visualized. This requires dedicated high-speed network infrastructures, which can be provisioned on-demand to support all potential application scenarios.

Most Grid/Cloud usage scenarios for collaboration can benefit from combined network and IT resources provisioning. This notion of provisioning an infrastructure on-demand not only improves performance, but also can address such issues as application-centric manageability, consistency of security services, and energy efficiency (which is emerging as a forefront issue). The infrastructure on-demand provisioning model requires that a number of services and resource management systems interoperate at different stages within the whole provisioning process. However, in current practice, different systems and provisioning stages are not connected into a single unified workflow what impedes the definition of a whole provisioning model. This results in a set of inconsistent, disjoint services that then require a significant amount of human intervention to manually integrate them into a single cohesive service.

The problem of better supporting collaborative groups of people and wider user communities at all layers of networking and applications infrastructure remains unsolved. The BoF will try to look at future developments and future technologies to solve this problem.

This BoF will provide a venue to discuss a wide spectrum of research and technology problems in provisioning infrastructure services on-demand, existing frameworks to support on-demand infrastructure services provisioning, and new emerging business models for infrastructure virtualisation, such as Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The BoF will host presentations from EU projects and activities such as GEANT3, GEYSERS, NOVI, OGF ISOD Research Group and facilitate information and experience dissemination and exchange with TERENA community.

Final Agenda and Slides

Session A (9:00-10:30) - Projects presentation

1. Introduction and BoF overview(15 min)

2. GEYSERS Architecture and implementation (25 min)
B.Belter (PSNC, GEYSERS WP5 leader)

3. GEANT3 developments in on-demand service provisioning and virtualisation

3.1. GEMBUS as a Composable Services provisioning platform (25 min)
D.Lopes (RedIRIS, GN3-JRA3-T3 leader), R.Hedberg (UMU.SE)

3.2. GN3 Multi-domain Management (25 min)
Afrodite Sevasti (GRNET, GN3-JR2 leader)

10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break

Session B (11:00-12:30)

4. Architectural Framework for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) development by UvA
(including: Security paradigms in Clouds) Y. Demchenko, UvA

5. Standardisation - from Grid to Clouds and general ISOD provisioning
(including OGF ISOD-RG overview) - Y.Demchenko, UvA

6. Discussion - 11:45 – 12:30




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