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16/05/2011 17:45-19:00
Filesender BoF

You know the feeling. You’re traveling, you’re in a hurry because you desperately need to get this oversize file to your colleague. You’ve tried email, but the email comes back: attachment too big. You’ve tried to bring up your vpn, but the hotel network you’re on won’t allow the vpn to pass through its firewalls. You’re stuck. Now what?

In that situation, FileSender may come in handy. FileSender is a web based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to anyone on the Internet. Users can be authenticated using various standard mechanisms including NREN federations. FileSender is an open source project run and funded by a consortium of NRENs.

This BoF is for all of you who have deployed or are planning to deploy a FileSender install, or who are interested to hear what FileSender is all about. We're hoping to cover lessons-learned, operational experiences, a discussion of deployments that go beyond off-the-shelf (such as high availability provisions, integration with other tooling, monitoring).

Also on the agenda is the wishlist and requirement set for the next versions of FileSender, the continuation of development that we're hoping will see us running without plugins by Q4 2011, using nothing but native HTML5. If you're interested, merely want to listen, if you have something to add (Developers! Testers! Money! Hardware!) or to ask, or if you just want to appear in the group photograph, please drop in!

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