BoF: Proposal for a global trust & identity system for education & research Save to my Google calendar

19/05/2011 14:00-17:30

Project Moonshot is a JANET(UK)-led initiative, in partnership with GN3 and others, to develop a single unifying technology for extending the benefits of federated identity to a broad range of non-Web services, including Cloud infrastructures, High Performance Computing & Grid infrastructures and other commonly deployed services including mail, file store, remote access and instant messaging.

The project has successfully achieved all of its goals to date, including the development of a suite of draft specifications that describe the technology and good progress towards an open-source reference implementation of these that builds on widely-deployed technologies such as FreeRADIUS and Shibboleth. The IETF ABFAB working group is now working from these initial draft specifications to establish a standardised technology.

The goal of this BoF is to discuss a proposal for establishing a global trust & identity system -- based on the ABFAB technology -- for the education & research community, that would address many or most of the NREN community's access management requirements, building on the existing deployed infrastructure and services. The goal of the BoF is to raise and begin discussing some key issues, with a view to reaching a community consensus on these questions at a workshop later this year.

Such issues include:

* Is there interest within the NREN community in deploying an ABFAB-based system to address these use-cases?

* How should an inter-NREN ABFAB-based system be funded and governed?

* What other significant questions need resolving before an ABFAB-based system could be widely deployed and used?




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