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17/05/2011 18:00-20:00
The aim of the European Adobe Connect Users (EACU) group is to collect the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro users in the European Research and Education Networking (NREN) community and facilitate them to communicate, collaborate and share information on the Adobe Connect webconference setups, feature requests, bug reports, as well as the use
cases and deployment status. Beside Adobe Connect, the group accommodates a general discussion forum on all kind of webconferencing platforms.

This BoF aims at collecting and sharing NRENs' and users' strategic perspective on webconferencing in general.

If you plan to attend please let us know by registering with the link above.

1. Introducing Webconf and present activities (Thorkild Jensen, Forskningsnettet, 5 min. Others??)
2. WebEx - Introducing features and supported use case scenarios (Klaas Wierenga, Cisco, 10-15 min)
3. Big Blue Button - Introducing features and supported use case scenarios (Damir Regvart, CARNET, 10-15 min)
4. Radvision Scopia Desktop - Introducing features and supported use case scenarios (Thorkild Jensen, Forskningsnettet/maybe Erik Kikkenborg,
NORDUnet, 10-15 min)
5. Elluminate - Introducing features and supported use case scenario (Lars-Göran Aasa, Fronter, 10-15 min)
6. Mayor evaluation of conferencing systems at RNP (Leandro Marcos de Oliveira Guimares, RNP, Brasil, 15 min)
7. General discussion: Which systems should the Webconf forum have on its radar and investigate more thoroughly?
8. General discussion: What are the roadmaps for NRENs with regard to web conferencing and similar technologies?
9. General discussion: Where will the future take us with regard to conferencing technologies?




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