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17/05/2011 18:00-20:00
The goal of this BoF is to build an eCulture community in Europe bringing together many different actors that are not very much used to work together: e-Infrastructure providers, cultural heritage institutions, ICT research centres, performing arts communities and probably many others.

New European projects like DC-Net and INDICATE are proposing an e-Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage. On the other side, the European performing arts community is gathering through annual joint workshops organised by TERENA and Internet2 (Trieste 2009, Paris 2010, Barcelona 2011). Finally new projects like VISIONAIR would allow the visualization of high quality content and interactions, adding a new functionality to GRID and high performance networking. Other national initiatives are on the way (Opera Oberta, Anella Cultural, Anilla Latinoamerica-Europe,...).

There seems to be momentum to create a working group on eCulture in TERENA, coordinated with similar ones in APAN and Internet2, that could facilitate the European and global collaboration between the technical community of NRENs and the research communities in humanities, cultural heritage and performing arts.

If you plan to attend please let us know by registering at the link in the "Registration" field above.


Building eCulture communities in the research networking environment

DC-NET, INDICATE, LINKED HERITAGE Complementary approaches to e-culture

The world around the Network Perforing Arts Production Workshops.




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